Exploring Some of the Most Important Aircraft Parts

Despite having become a normal part of life for countless people, many of us are still unfamiliar with several of the primary components that make up a typical plane. While it can be hard to define which are the most important, there is no doubt that the engine is a key element in what defines an aircraft. However, like any other key component, the engine only operates as effectively as it does because it is supported by various other parts. In this blog, we will be looking at the engine mount and exhaust parts, two major devices that keep the engine running effectively and prevent the risk of serious damage and catastrophe.


As a key part of an aircraft, the engine is the powerhouse of a plane that produces the thrust needed to propel the vessel through the air and on the ground. In rare cases, some planes may be rocket-powered or even feature electric motors, but most feature either a piston engine or gas turbine. Whereas a piston engine uses pistons to turn a propeller, gas turbine engines only use a turbine which is directly affected by the exhaust. Regardless, all types of engines follow the same general chain of events. First, air is pulled into fast-moving blades that heat and compress the air. Then, it is mixed with fuel and ignited within the combustion chamber. The resulting combustion event involves the rapid expansion of hot gas which can be used to force a piston or turbine, propelling the whole aircraft forward as a result.

Engine Mount

The amount of force an engine generates must be enough to propel an entire aircraft, so it is no wonder that there must also be an effective mount to keep it in place. Most aircraft will have an engine mount that is designed to be a unique web-like structure which connects the engine to the aircraft at many different points. This specific structure evenly distributes force against the plane’s body, suppressing engine vibration and decreasing the risk of damage. For this reason, engine mounts must be extremely durable, able to handle the high vibration and force they are built to bear.

Aircraft Exhaust

As another crucial part that assists the engine, the aircraft exhaust system vents dangerous gasses away from the engine, as well as the cabin. In the process of combustion, aircraft engines let out explosive bursts of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas which could pose serious health risks if it found its way on board. Since the engine turbines are also used to bring in fresh air to the plane cabin, the aircraft exhaust system plays a vital role in making sure none of the expelled gas will come back into the engine. If left unnoticed, minor issues in the exhaust system could result in carbon monoxide poisoning or abrupt fires, so it is essential to regularly inspect these parts for signs of damage or malfunction.


While it is always important to secure the best components for an aircraft, finding top-quality, durable engine parts is indispensable for ensuring that the plane stays operating at its best for as long as possible. Here on ASAP NSN Distribution, we understand how important it is to limit costly downtime for aircraft operations. As such, we stock our vast inventory of new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find products in a global supply network that reduces lead times and guarantees expedited shipping whether customers are located domestically or internationally. Explore our catalogs of available engine components and other aviation parts today to experience how simple the procurement process can be with a premium sourcing partner like ASAP NSN Distribution!


December 1, 2022

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