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FAA Approved TSO Parts List

Technical Standard Order (TSO) parts are those produced under the regulations and performance standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With TSO authorization, materials, parts, and appliances can be approved for manufacturing to benefit civil aircraft. At ASAP NSN Distribution, we serve as a leading supplier of TSO parts with our wide variety of offerings. Browse our expansive TSO parts list where you can find top requested components such as TSO-C39A, TSO-C89, TSO-C56, TSO-C95A, TSO-C6D readily available for purchase at competitive pricing today. Our TSO parts list serves as a comprehensive resource for all your TSO part needs. If there are iTSO part that you wish to receive a quote for, submit an Instant RFQ form and a dedicated account manager will be in touch with you in 15 minutes or less. As a premier purchasing platform for new, used, and obsolete items, we leverage our purchasing power and market expertise to provide time and cost savings for our customers. Get started today and see how we can fulfill all of your operational needs with ease at ASAP NSN Distribution.

TSO No. TSO Holder Name TSO Title Part Model Name RFQ
tso-c39a avcon industries, inc. N/A 4001-216, 4001-211, 4001-105, 4001-212, 4006-102, 4006-101, 4001-300, 4001-214, 4001-217, 4001-210, 4001-215, 4001-201, 4001-218, 4001-205, 4001-104, 4001-103, 4001-102, 4001-101, 4001-106, 4001-202, 4001-213, 4001-203, 4001-204, 4001-209, 4001-206, 4001-207, 4001-208, RFQ
tso-c89 e.r.o.s. equipments respi N/A mf 10( )( )-( )( ), mc 10-13-02, mc10( )( ), ma10( )( ), mc 10-08-00, mc 10-14-00, mc 10-15-01, mc 10-19-01, mc 10-25-01, mc 10-( )( )-(1)( )( ), mc5, mxm 23, mxp2 10(--), mb10( )( ), RFQ
tso-c56 breeze corporation, inc. N/A vg-700, vg-600, RFQ
tso-c95a cmc electronics inc. c4x integrated avionics system 100-602573-xxx, 100-655001-xx, 100-602580-xxx, 100-602580-000, -001, -002, 100-602571-xxx, RFQ
tso-c6d aspen avionics efd recess mount installation 903-00007-001, RFQ
tso-c90c telair international seat pallet dpa50056-501, dpa50056-( ) series, dpa50056-1, RFQ
tso-c124a l-3 communications solid state flight data record 2100-4040-00, software version 840-e3552-01, RFQ
tso-c91a chelton avionics, incorpo me406hm 453-6604, RFQ
tso-c113 avidyne corporation vhf software pn 530-00182-( ), 530-00182-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems int. threaded, base seal, gang c584-(*), RFQ
tso-c36c rockwell international co N/A ind-351a, vir-350, vir-32, vir-315, ind-351d, ind-30, ind-351c, ind-350g, ind-350, ind-31, ind-351, gls-350e, gls-350, ans-351c p/n 622-5579-( ), ans-351, ind-31c, ind-350a, RFQ
tso-c9 bendix radio division N/A pb-20d, RFQ
tso-c32d rockwell international av high frequency (hf) radio comm 822-1626-708, 822-1626-108, 822-1626-707, 822-1626-307, 822-1626-308, 822-1626-507, 822-1626-508, 822-1626-107, 622-9405-001, 822-0836-314, 822-0923-012, 822-0990-001, 822-1577-006, 822-0987-003, 822-0836-014, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems tunr-loc assy drs7500hs-( )-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c72c zodiac seats california l exit row bottom cushion assemb model 41761273 p/n 41761273-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. dbl without tv monitor with pc ars-636, p/n 83220b10241a406, RFQ
tso-c92 bendix general aviation N/A pra-83b 2041062-( ), pra-83a 2041053-( ), mta-83b 2041054-( ), mta-83a 2041052-( ), cpa-83a 2041033-( ), RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. economy class tpl 3" nrw with ars-446, p/n 83-187b6262-401, RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assy., double b2054, b/c, b2054, p/n 70757-421-( ), b2054, p/n 70757-421-( ), b2054, p/n 70757-421-( ), RFQ
tso-c62b bfgoodrich company N/A 49x17-30/30/039-789-2, 52x20.5-20/36/039-890, 50x20-20/30/038-874, 038-874-1, 038-874-2, 033-874, 49x17/30/039-789-1, 039-789-2, 039-789, 038-789, 038-789-1, 033-789, 032-789, 032-789-1, -2, 49x17/32/032-791, 50x20-20/26/038-872, 49x17/28/038-788-1, 038-788-2, 038-788-3, 038-788-4, 038-788-8, 033-78 RFQ
tso-c41c wulfsberg electronics div N/A df-431b, 066-1105-( ), at-434a, 071-1348-( ), cd-432b, 071-1347-( ), df-431b, 066-1105( ), RFQ
tso-c11e pacific scientific compan fire detector, type i p/n 27600064-010 software n/a, p/n 27900065-392 software n/a, p/n 25000020-12 software p/n 55500016, p/n 25000020-22 software p/n 55500016, p/n 25000021-32 software p/n 55500016, p/n 25000021-41 software p/n 55500016, p/n 25000030-( ) software n/a, p/n 25000034-( ) software n/a, p/n 25000071-( ) sof RFQ
tso-c99 essex pb&r corp. N/A mr-100( ), dp3113( ), RFQ
tso-c10b thales avionics s.a. integrated electronic standby p/n c16786ma01, p/n c16786va02, p/n c16786va01, p/n c16786ua01, p/n c16786pa01, p/n c16786la02, p/n c16786na01, p/n c16786za01, p/n c16786la01, p/n c16786ja01, p/n c16786ada01, p/n c16786ha02, p/n c16786aaa01, p/n c16786ca01, p/n c16786da01, p/n c16786ea01, p/n c16786fa01, p/n c16786fa02, p/n c16786 RFQ
tso-c2d aspen avionics ewr50 installation kit 903-00005-(), RFQ
tso-c127a brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, f/r, l/h b3500, 3503110-401-( ), b3500, p/n 3503110-405-( ), RFQ
tso-c11d kidde aerospace sensor assembly lower fire wal 898117, RFQ
tso-c139 alto technologies corpora aircraft cabin digital audio a p/n 106500-0400-[], 106500-0200-[], p/n 106500-0600-[], RFQ
tso-c36e chelton antennas vor/loc & glide airborne anten p/n 6243-89-xx, RFQ
tso-c127a iai golan industries co-pilot seat, type a, forward gst421000-506, RFQ
tso-c39c ki holdings co., ltd. tpl lh i/a with prox light ars-869, p/n 83304b20420-401, RFQ
tso-c34e chelton flight systems idu-450 pn 42-024001-[], 42-024001-[ ], 42-0240001-[], RFQ
tso-c7d smith aerospace ltd N/A kca0101w, kca0105w, kca0104w, wl1001kca1, RFQ
tso-c73 marathonnorco aerospace i N/A pc-250-8a, pc-50-2b, pc-351( ), pc-251-123( ), pc-251-31, pc-350-2b, pc-350-( ), pc-251-123e, pc-3y-251( ), pc-3y-251(a), pc-3y-500-2a, pc-3y-500( ), pc-450-1b, pc-50-8a,, pc-50-8b, pc-250-2a, pc-125-123b, pc-450-12c, model pc-500-1b, pc-125-12b, 200366, pc-15bc, msi-800-2a, msi-806-2a, msi-800-2b, RFQ
tso-c35c dynair electronics, inc. N/A mb 4050, 9900-0721( ) ser., RFQ
tso-c49b rockwell collins onboard data loader applicatio model odla-3500, p/n 810-0345-1h0001, RFQ
tso-c22f pacific scientific compan lap belt & shoulder harness as p/n 1117386m-07, p/n 1117386m-05, p/n 1117386m-03, p/n 1117386m-01, p/n 1117386m-02, p/n 1117386m-04, p/n 1117386m-06, RFQ
tso-c39c pac seating system, inc. two place forward facing seat (f)s2202-( ), fs2207-( ), fs2209-( ), RFQ
tso-c145b spectralux corporation gps-sbas receivers p/n 13764-2, p/n 13721-2, RFQ
tso-c63b telephonics weather radar system model aa-1812a p/n 4000525-1912, model rdr 1400c, p/n 4000831-( ), 4000525-1912, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. sgl rh m std 0.8 in o/s otbd w f44a33 (for seat position only), p/n f4439a3s406-402, RFQ
tso-c4c northrop grumman, litton ltn-101 isdu 461640-0800-0400, RFQ
tso-c128a trig avionics limited ty92 remote mount radio p/n 00879-00-(xx) with sw v1.(xx), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems int. threaded, radius gang cha 3d0004-(*)-(*), RFQ
tso-c2d l-3 communications avioni black bezel, internal attitude gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34400-0201(first in series), RFQ
tso-c87 cmc electronics inc. gps operational software 169-614432-201, RFQ
tso-c90c taiwan fylin industrial c air cargo nets model 22a, p/n nas 3610-2r1n, model 23a, p/n nas 3610-2g1n, RFQ
tso-c129a trimble navigation limite gps receiver ta-12 class b1/c1 with sw ver 1.29, ta-12 class b1/c1 with sw ver 1.30, RFQ
tso-c39c brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, l/h, ife, b1010ss, 70791-401-( ), b1010ss, 70791-401-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. dbl std with prox light lh ars-642, p/n 83248b10760-403, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. dbl with b/o and prox lh ars-837, p/n 83282b16684-419, RFQ
tso-c39a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl std for handicap ars-276, p/n 117-1320-414f, RFQ
tso-c127a geven s.p.a. single passenger seat, type a, 21a008-01-a( )( ), 21a008-02-a( )( ), 21a008-03-a( )( ), RFQ
tso-c39c ki holdings co., ltd. dbl lh stdlast row with b/o & ars-869, p/n 83304b20933-403, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. tpl no breakover no reclining ars-452, p/n 83-181b6187-405, ars-452, p/n 83-181b5861-405, RFQ
tso-c126a acr electronics, inc. emergency locator transmitter model elt 1000, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. dbl 1.2" nrw otbd 1.3" offset ars-647, p/n 83253b11199-455, ars-647, p/n 83253b15483-455, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems int. threaded nuts, specificat vn473( )( ) voi-shan series, RFQ
tso-c53a italy s.p.a. N/A 90j, 90k, 90 d, 99x, 90f, 90e, 90n, 90g, 90m, 90h, RFQ
tso-c60a texas instruments, inc. N/A ti-9100 loran c 2780562-1, ti-91 loran c 2788176-1, ti-9100a loran c 2242016-( ), RFQ
tso-c54 avionics specialties, inc indicator slz7643-2 lcd aoa, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. dbl rh 1 inch upright no rec ars-849, p/n 83296b20073-402, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. tpl std no reclining & without ars-577, p/n 83-220b8063-404, RFQ
tso-c39c brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, narrow, hd model b1000s, part number70753-451-( ), RFQ
tso-c39c timco aerosystems seat assy., triple, hdcp, std, b3100/b3100er, p/n 70779-451-( ), b3100/b3100er, p/n 70779-451-( ), b3100/b3100er, p/n 70779-451-( ), RFQ
tso-c5c northrop grumman systems litton system ltr-81-01 attitu 454170-01, RFQ
tso-c43 aero instrument supply, i N/A 214s-0-200fdl2, 214s-0-200fdl2-1, 214s-0-200-fsl2-1, 214s-0-200-fsl2, 210cy, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl otbd lh with dsb ars-710, p/n 83269b17985-403, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. sgl lh otbd f/r ars-861 (for berth position only), p/n 83293b19310-401, RFQ
tso-c2a karnish instrument inc. N/A ac-131a, ac-130a, ac-129a, ac-118a, RFQ

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