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FAA Approved TSO Parts List

Technical Standard Order (TSO) parts are those produced under the regulations and performance standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With TSO authorization, materials, parts, and appliances can be approved for manufacturing to benefit civil aircraft. At ASAP NSN Distribution, we serve as a leading supplier of TSO parts with our wide variety of offerings. Browse our expansive TSO parts list where you can find top requested components such as TSO-C39B, TSO-C148, TSO-C49B, TSO-C40C, TSO-C90C readily available for purchase at competitive pricing today. Our TSO parts list serves as a comprehensive resource for all your TSO part needs. If there are iTSO part that you wish to receive a quote for, submit an Instant RFQ form and a dedicated account manager will be in touch with you in 15 minutes or less. As a premier purchasing platform for new, used, and obsolete items, we leverage our purchasing power and market expertise to provide time and cost savings for our customers. Get started today and see how we can fulfill all of your operational needs with ease at ASAP NSN Distribution.

TSO No. TSO Holder Name TSO Title Part Model Name RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. sgl lh m std 0.8 in o/s otbd w f44a33 (for berth position only), p/n f4439a3s406-401, RFQ
tso-c148 shur-lok corporation mechanical fasteners as4099 series, as4383 series, as1985 series, as1985 series, as1986 series, as1986 series, as4099 series, as4383 series, RFQ
tso-c49b avidyne corporation multi-function display (mfd) 700-00030-( ) with software p/n 530-00195-( ), 700-00030-( ) with software p/n 530-00170-( ), 700-00004-( ) with software p/n 530-00195-( ), 700-00004-104 with software p/n 530-00162-002, 700-00004-( ) with software p/n 530-00170-( ), 700-00004-1xx-( ) with software pn 530-00129-000 rev 03, RFQ
tso-c40c rockwell international av vor receiving equpment 822-1622-001, RFQ
tso-c90c driessen aircraft systems container type 3 3-d-( ) series, 3-b-( ) series, RFQ
tso-c135a goodrich corporation airc main wheel assembly p/n 3-1692, RFQ
tso-c148 anillo industries, inc. disc s124681, RFQ
tso-c43c rockwell international av integrated modular avionics ta pn 810-0181-1t0001, RFQ
tso-c90c van riemsdijk rotterdam b akp cargo container type 2k2c 738.001-(xxx), RFQ
tso-c39a ki holdings co., ltd. prestige class dbl lh spl rest ars-311, p/n 145-3263-409, RFQ
tso-c113 ge aviation - digital sys multi-purpose control display 6882a( ), RFQ
tso-c112 honeywell international air traffic control radar beac 066-01127-1501, 066-01127-1601, 066-01127-1401, RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assembly ? triple, aft ro model b3500, p/n 3503188-571-( ), model b3500, p/n 3503188-571-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems boeing series bacc30( )( )( )( ), bacc30( )( )( ), bacb30vk( )( )( )( )( ), bacb30vl( )( )( )( )( ), bacs53b1ea( ), bacw10( )( )( ), RFQ
tso-c4c astronautics corp. of ame software 262505-(), RFQ
tso-c135a meggitt aircraft braking carbon brake assembly p/n 90006967-1, p/n 900066967, p/n 90004829-1, 90006967-2, p/n 90008562, p/n 90009606, 90005585-2, 90005585-1, RFQ
tso-c90c zone artisanale de la boh cargo net, type 2m2n/2a1n 2m2n-b2-(xxx )-(xx ), RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assy., triple, e/r, iat, b1010s, p/n 70774-403-( ), b1010s, p/n 70774-403-( ), b1010s, p/n 70774-403-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems channel, straight assembly g1981-(*)-(^), RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac inc double, last row, no food tray 41034002-147,-148, RFQ
tso-c62d alaska tire & rubber comp 29 x 13.0 ? 6 29136, RFQ
tso-c63b telephonics mounting tray model in-1502a, p/n 2040400-0501, 2040400-0501, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems ringlocked 0932-13610-( )p( )stud, RFQ
tso-c175 driessen aircraft interio atlas trolley, full size tk508002, mdl-can-fsatlas-tk508002, RFQ
tso-c38d honeywell international, vhf data radio model tr-865b p/n 7026201-802, RFQ
tso-c44b avidyne corporation multi-function display (mfd) 700-00004-1xx-( ) with software pn 530-00129-000 rev 03, 700-00030-( ) with software p/n 530-00170-( ), 700-00004-104 with software p/n 530-00162-002, 700-00004-( ) with software p/n 530-00170-( ), RFQ
tso-c10b astronautics corp. of ame hardware 2625000-(), RFQ
tso-c4c universal avionics system fpefi 6401-12111-( ) series, 5501-12111-( ) series, 6401-11411-( ) series, 6401-11111-( ) series, 6001-12111-( ) series, 6001-11411-( ) series, 6001-11111-( ) series, 6001-10411-( ) series, 6401-12411-( ) series, 5501-12411-( ) series, 6401-10411-( ) series, 5501-11411-( ) series, 5501-11111-( ) series, 5 RFQ
tso-c127a b/e aerospace inc. lh aft dbl be16.2-2-40, 1014424-025je09, RFQ
tso-c9c gables engineering, inc. display control panel model g7281( ), RFQ
tso-c66b luftfahrt-bundesamt (lba) user interface software versio model apollo sl30, p/n 430-6040-3xx, RFQ
tso-c34e l-3 communications avioni remote navigation/communicatio adr-7050, p/n 9200-21453-( ), RFQ
tso-c72c brice manufacturing co. individual flotation device model 7400-( ) pn 7841-455, model 7400-( ) p/n 7818-455, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems screw ht4059v-(*)-(*)(*), ht4073(*)(*)(*), ht4046-(*)-(*)(*), ht4048(*)(*)(*), ht4049(*)(*)(*)(*)(*), ht404(*)(*)-(*), ht4050-(*)(*)-(*), ht4052-(*)-(*)(*), ht4053-(*)(*)(*)(*), ht4054-(*)(*)(*)(*), ht4055(*)(*)(*), ht4056-(*)-(*)(*), ht4040-(*)-(*)(*), ht4058-(*)(*)-(*)(*), ht403(*)(*)-(*), ht405(*)(*)-( RFQ
tso-c127a sicma aero seat single passenger seat w/1 cust 196(x)(x)-(x)(x)-(x), RFQ
tso-c127 ki holdings co., ltd. seat top assy tpl 3in narrow r ars-596, p/n 83236b17918a404, ars-596, p/n 83236b17918-404, ars-596, p/n 83236b17875a404, ars-596, p/n 83236b17875-404, RFQ
tso-c71 s-tec corporation power adapter 28vdc to 14vdc 01255, RFQ
tso-c106 honeywell international i field loadable operational pro p/n nh2198( ) where nh2198am01 is the first in a series, RFQ
tso-c113 aspen avionics efd1000 910-00001-(), RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems lh outbd dbl seat (54.00?) rr model 3050, p/n 3052195-455-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a recaro aircraft seating a rh tpl, hc, std 3510f930-32z221, RFQ
tso-c40c gables engineering, inc. comm control panel g7442( ), RFQ
tso-c39c brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, exit row, model b1000s, p/n 70627-406-( ), RFQ
tso-c11e kidde aerospace control amplifier (obs/see -01 473872, RFQ
tso-c88a sandia aerospace engineer altitude encloder sae5-35, 30514-00, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems clinch nut, flush mount k7000-(*), k7001-(*), RFQ
tso-c39c ki holdings co., ltd. tpl with i/a table lh ars-610, p/n 83236b18837-401, ars-704, p/n 83258b18847-401, RFQ
tso-c112 rockwell international av adaptive flight display 822-1917-204, pn 822-1577-009, pn 822-1577-103, pn 822-1577-303, pn 822-1577-610, 822-1577-104, 822-1577-204, 822-1577-012, RFQ
tso-c11d kidde aerospace tlse 8990982t, 25500100--25530000, 25400100--25430000, 22207468, 25600100--25630000, 23300100--23330000, 23011500, 22800100--22830000, 22700100--22730000, 22608500, 22607113s, 22607100, 22600100--22630000, 22500100--22530000, 23400100--23430000, 22300100--22330000, 23404450, 22200100--22230000, 22100100- RFQ
tso-c92c honeywell international i field loadable epic system mm7027704-011, RFQ
tso-c127a b/e aerospace inc. rh tpl in front of dbl, no i/b be16.2-3-59, 1014424-004je09, RFQ
tso-c110a avidyne corporation integrated flight display, fps 530-00208-( ), RFQ
tso-c115b honeywell international, ht1000/9100 mcdu 82165-( ) series, RFQ
tso-c128a trig avionics limited ty91 remote mount radio (ship p/n 00883-00-(xx) with sw v1.(xx), RFQ
tso-c52a s-tec corporation altitude selector programmer 0113-(), RFQ
tso-c39c ki holdings co., ltd. dbl lh 1.0 in nrw p52b41, p/n p5241b4a407-401, p52b41, p/n p5241b4a403-401, RFQ
tso-c123a l-3 communications, aviat fa2300 solid state combined vo model fa2300cvdr madras p/n 23( ), RFQ
tso-c6e avidyne corporation mpio software 530-00207-( ), pn 530-00207-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a brice manufacturing co. seat assy., double, offset, ia b1000ss,70786-401-( ), RFQ
tso-c151b rockwell collins onboard maintenance system tab model omst-6000, p/n 810-0099-1t0001, RFQ
tso-c43c rockwell international av temperature instruments 822-1625-112, 822-1625-101, 822-1625-102, 822-1625-111, 822-1846-002, 822-1753-460, 822-1753-120, 822-1753-480, 822-1753-502, 822-1753-504, 822-1753-506, 822-1753-602, 822-1753-408, 822-1084-106, 822-0389-450, 822-1084-014, 822-1084-120, 822-1084-202, 822-1084-204, 822-1084-208, 822-1084-302, 822-10 RFQ
tso-c39b aeronautical accessories, utility seat assembly 057-23002-04, 057-23002-03, 057-23002-01, 057-23002-07, 057-23002-21, 057-23002-22, RFQ
tso-c72c flight line products, llc headrest cushion assy p/n 0708048-001/ -002, p/n 2208030-001/ -002, RFQ
tso-c127a sicma aero seat single passenger seat w/3 cust 196(x)(x)-(x)(x)-(xxx), RFQ
tso-c39c b/e aerospace inc. ctr tpl std - seb, bmft, video be16.0-3-64, 1015585-001ge04, RFQ
tso-c119c honeywell international i tcas ii processor (mops versio model tpu 67b, p/n 066-01146-2221, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl 1in rec with sst for h/m l ars-644, p/n y1157b3c345-401, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. ctr rh without table ars-652, p/n 83252b11112-416, RFQ
tso-c6d aspen avionics efd1000 910-00001-(), RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. double lh 2" narrow ars-347, p/n 83-166b4025-401, RFQ

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